ASUS Eee PC 1001PX: All Carbon Fibre

It's no 14-hour battery life like ASUS' 1015 model, but the 1001PX is made from carbon fibre - just like those chopsticks you were admiring! Inside, an Atom N450 chip and 1GB of RAM hulk, ready for portable netbooking funtimes.

It comes pre-loaded with either Windows XP or Windows 7, with the XP model coming with a 160GB hard drive and five-hour battery life, and the Windows 7 netbook a larger 250GB hard drive and 6-cell battery for nine hours of life.

Apart from that, the rest of the configs are the same - three USB ports, VGA and Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi, a webcam and memory card reader. As the 10001PX leaked from Italy we've only got the European pricing for now, but the XP model looks good for roughly $US325 (€241) and the Win7 doozy could be $US400 (or €300 for the Sophia and Leonardos of Italy). [Notebook Italia via SlashGear]

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