Are You Getting An iPad On The First Day?

There's nothing quite like an Apple product launch: The lines, the sights, the smells. Are you pre-ordering and getting an iPad on the very first day? Here's what everybody from Gizmodo's doing:

Brian Lam: I feel like I have to live with one for the sake of knowing what the shit I am talking about. Maybe i'll just keep on using my iPhone, though. It's mini-ipad.

What he actually did: Bought two. "I finally realise the two units per person limit. It's to protect us from ourselves."

Joel Johnson: I will get a 3G one at some point. I wish the Wi-Fi one had a proper GPS chipset. I'd probably forgo the 3G if it did.

Jason Chen: Cheapest Wi-Fi one, and will tether to a phone that's Wi-Fi tetherable.

Wilson Rothman: I am going to get 3G, with the $US15/month data plan. I figure it's mostly Wi-Fi, but I want security of wide area wireless.

Don Nguyen: Not interested.  Waiting for the HP Slate or second gen.

Jack Loftus: In any event, AT&T told me to go with Wi-Fi, so I'm going to get a 3G.

David Chaid: Not the first day, but if I'm impressed enough I might pick one up reasonably close to launch.

Jesus Diaz: I'm too. 3G model.

John Herrman: I am. 

Kyle VanHemert: I think I'm gonna get the cheapest Wi-Fi one. Don't really care about 3G.

Mark Wilson: I'm waiting on gen 2 as well.

What he actually did: Bought 2.

Chris Mascari: My GF will probably buy a 3G at launch, and if it wins me over I'll get one of my own...

Brian Barrett: Waiting on more magazines getting their shit together so there's actual content I care about, and for the price drop.

Kat Hannaford: Like the iPhone, I plan on never buying one. Just have no interest in using the iPad.

Adam Frucci: I'm waiting for generation 2.

Matt Buchanan:

Just kidding! I'm totally getting a 3G on the first day. I can always give it to my mum when the next one comes out.

What about you?

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