Apple Patent For Cover Flow-Like Social Networking Profiles Emerges

Hands up who uses Cover Flow? A quick vox pop amongst Giz staff reveals only once in a blue moon do we use it. Yet a patent for a Cover Flow-like integration of social-networking profiles has surfaced.

Cover Flow's only been around a little over two years now, but it hasn't quite taken off - despite Apple demos always keenly showing how easy it is to browse music that way. Patently Apple, who dug up this particular patent, isn't sure when it was filed but what we do know is that at some point Apple wanted (or might still want to) use Cover Flow to organise social networking profiles.

Flicking through faces on an iPhone would be pretty fun, though if you have a few hundred friends on Facebook it could end up proving more difficult than just doing a search for them. [Patently Apple]

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