Apple Invades The Game Market

One year and - barely - nine months. That's what it has taken Apple to invade 19 per cent of the total US portable game market, while the PSP sunk from 20 per cent to 11 per cent, and the Nintendo dropped 5 per cent. And that's only revenue.

Taking into consideration that games in the App Store are cheaper than in the PSP and Nintendo, and that 30,000 titles have been released since its July 2008 launch, I wonder if the actual unit sales figures are quite larger.

In the general gaming category, Apple has taken over 5 per cent of the market, while the rest of the portables have increased to 24 per cent from 20 per cent and the home console market has dropped to 71 per cent from 79 per cent. Knowing about these sharp increases - and knowing that iPhone games are still in their infancy - it's no surprise that game developers are choosing the iPhone en masse.

Another reason for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to worry about the iPad. [Flurry]

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