Android Surges While The iPhone Stalls Out

The latest smartphone subscriber numbers are out, and the last three months have been kind to Google. Android's still a relatively small player, but its usage base more than doubled since October. The iPhone, meanwhile, keeps on treading water.

RIM remains the leader in the smartphone space, with nearly half the market using BlackBerries. Apple's 25.1 per cent share is undeniably impressive, but only growing .3 percentage points (relative to the market) means this summer's impending iPhone 4 release can't come soon enough for Cupertino. Either that or a whole mess of patent lawsuit wins.

The losers, predictably: Palm, whose business model is collapsing before our eyes, and Microsoft, whose sitting duck WinMo 6.5 OS is in the process of being totally scrapped.

[ComScore via TechCrunch]

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