8 Things Made Out Of Carbon Fibre That Really Shouldn't Be

Things made of carbon fibre tend to be appealing-looking, lightweight and durable. But sometimes we just plain wonder how on earth someone decided to choose the often pricey material for a particular piece of gear.

Lamps I'll admit that this carbon fibre ribbon of light looks almost pretty, but is there really a need for lamps made of the material? [Contemporist via cribcandy]

Joysticks Look, if I'm buying a joystick made of carbon fibre, I at least expect it to be light as a ballerina and not weigh a whole two kilos. Weight aside, the carbon fibre and fibreglass device does work on "every major platform". That's gotta count for something. [Shoryuken via CarbonFiberGear]

Dog Food Bowls What happens when a bike maker can't get any carbon fibre frames made? She makes $US65 carbon fibre Splash-N-Go dog bowl.

I only wish that was a bad joke.[Wired]

Toilets Do you ever just stand back, admire your toilet and think that it's such a great thing that it's slick, shiny and weighs 18kg less than the average white beast? Yeah? Well, I've got a $US1000 dollar toilet deal for you then. [Carbon Fiber Gear]

Guitars Alright, maybe there's a good excuse to make a guitar out of carbon fibre. You get the sound of a big acoustic in the small, light package of a $US1600 carbon fibre beauty. Seems like this was a case of a solution for a problem that hadn't even been truly discovered. [Blackbird Guitar]

iPod Cases It looks half way decent, is made of carbon fibre, aluminium and stainless steel screws, and doesn't protect your gadget's screen at all. At least it's shiny and only $US50, right? [UberGizmo]

Chopsticks Do you really put chopsticks through so much abuse that they'd need to be made out of carbon fibre? OK, maybe you do. But that still can't explain the need to spend $US150 on pair of carbon fibre chopsticks with a corresponding chopstick rest. Just buy a bundle of cheap ones and don't worry about misplacing or losing one. [Carbon fibre Gear via Description Page]

Mouse Pads What's spending $US80 on a mouse pad when it's a "real Carbon Fibre mousepad finished in a semi-stiff resin?" Supposedly it's worth it:

Going from the typical foam mousepad to our carbon fibre mousepad is like taking your high performance sports car from a muddy field to a high-speed highway surface. The motion is smooth and effortless, allowing high speed response and precision control of the cursor.

As much as I love speed, I think my cursor is precise enough as is. [Carbon fibre Gear]

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