8-Bit Hanger Reminds You There's Life Beyond Meatspace

If being apart from the familiar accoutrements of your preferred desktop environment leaves you anxious and disoriented, these 8-Bit Hangers should make that loathsome meatspace you reluctantly call "home" a little more tolerable.

The hangers, which go for $US20 each, screw right into the wall, perhaps reminding you that your house's wallpaper can't be changed as easily as your desktop's. That's only one of the reasons why you escape to the world of computers everyday, your cursor bounding across vast expanses of information and ideas, uninhibited by floors or ceilings or walls.

Of course, maybe the opposite is true, and you're finding that the the desktop metaphor just doesn't make computing enough like the real world. Thankfully, this thread on Reddit has just the right wallpaper to put you at ease:

Whichever desktop you need reminding of, we've got you covered. The 8-Bit Hangers are available for purchase here and a fresh table and bookshelf wallpaper can be found here. [Noquedan Blogs via Wired]

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