3DSwitch Will Tell Your TV When You're Wearing 3D Glasses

It's a bit pointless, because surely your TV can recognise if there's a 3D Blu-ray in the player, or the TV show you've selected is being broadcast in 3D, but Italian company Sisvel's device syncs glasses to the TV.

It will detect if active or passive glasses are being used, with Sisvel's Dario Pennisi explaining their technology is "similar to the one used on the Wii remote", and will be licensed to TV manufacturers one day:

"For active glasses, given the already high cost of the glasses and [that]these already contain a battery and some electronics, our solution comprises a capacitive sensor that ‘feels' the head of the viewer and uses this information to send infrared commands to the TV, hence the additional cost of this solution if basically zero.

"For passive glasses, the TVs have to be equipped with a camera that looks at the viewers and has some special electronics to recognise if they are wearing glasses and can differentiate between ordinary glasses and polarized glasses for stereoscopic viewing."

It's an unknown company with a lofty goal, to get their technology used by big 3D TV manufacturers. But I can't get past the fact that it shouldn't be necessary to include another step in the process when switching on the TV and sliding on the glasses. [Sisvel via Gizmag]

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