3D: Purchase Decision Or Enticing Extra?

Before I host a discussion on the subject tonight, I'm wondering what gadget fiends like yourselves think about 3D. Is 3D something that is going to influence a TV purchasing decision? Or is it something you'll consider as a nice extra feature but not the reason you would choose one unit over another?

I think 3D is definitely here to stay. But that doesn't mean it's here to take over the world. We're still going to enjoy 95%+ of our content in 2D. Yet sometimes it will be nice to have a bit of extra fun with a movie, or a game, with that extra dimension. Maybe sport is going to step up and become the 'killer app' of 3D content? I've seen some NFL footage first hand at a JVC demo and it blew my mind. Seeing a long pass in slow mo as a sideline chase cam followed the action was a revelation.

I think I'd like to have that 'optional' mode in there sometime in the future, and maybe I'll delay my next TV purchase to get it. But then this is also one of those rare fun moments in tech where, this year, something very new can be brought into the home and enjoyed. It's easy to be a cynic, so it's good to let out the 12-year-old technophile who dreamed of having a tech like this ready for everyday use.

What's your thinking? 3D as a purchase decision driver? A nice optional extra? Or 'no thanks'?

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