Worker Dies From N-hexane Poisoning At Touchscreen Factory

Wintek, who supplies touchscreen components to Apple for the iPhone and iPod touch, just got "exposed" for "hazardous work conditions". One of the most severe? N-hexane poisoning, which the company illegally used instead of alcohol to clean screens.

In August of 2009, 49 people were treated for N-hexane poisoning, with one dead. The BoingBoing post says that the worker died this weekend, so it seems like Wintek continued to use the same N-hexane even after they were punished from last year. [China Tech News via BoingBoing]

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    The companies that purchase these components need to take a responsibility in these situations. Either demand action, or seek an alternate supplier.

    I'm not just looking at Apple here. I use a Palm Pre and I'm sure there's a good chance these screens all come from roughly the same people.

    Life is priceless and is not worth low-cost components.

    I don't want blood on my hand when I slide to unlock.

    Rumor has it a new product is being developed and tested.

    Code named IDoA ?

    Awww cmon tough crowd no not funny in the current light but this harks to the *okia doco on they're work conditions and this is rampant throughout.

    What amazes me is hexane is easier or cheaper to obtain than white spirit or isopropil or whatever ethanol?

    Hexane is a pretty fullon solvent the wiki writeup is scary.

    14 Hydrogen molecules ahhh the carbon are just along for the ride.

    None are good if they ignite but Hexane eeek even trained scientists and industrial personell respect it's volatility i don't think this lot do.

    They might want to check with they're insurance company if plant explosion caused by fume buildup is covered.

    Fire Sale !!! Cheap screens anyone ?

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