Windows Phone 7 Rumours: Zune-like Interface, No Multitasking

PPCGeeks is offering up a whole bevy of rumours regarding Windows Mobile 7 and what will be revealed at MWC next week. What they're referring to as Windows Phone 7 has a Zune-like interface and Xbox integration but no multitasking.

PPCGeeks and Mobile Tech World claim that Windows Mobile 7 will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress, though it will be announced under the new name Windows Phone 7 and the presentation will focus on the user interface without offering too much detail on specific functionality. Here's a breakdown of what PPCGeeks and Mobile Tech World have heard:

The UI goes by the codename Metro and is heavily influenced by that of the Zune HD. The interface has been described as "clean", "soulful" and "alive", and offers a fully re-imagined Start page. Third party UIs like HTC's Sense will no longer be supported. Windows Phone 7 will ditch Windows Mobile Device Center in favour of Zune's syncing software, and will offer integration with social media networks, Zune devices and Xboxes, including friends, gamer tags, achievements, etc.

Apps will only be able to be installed via the Marketplace, which supports an API as well as a try before you buy system. Flash will not be supported initially. Windows Phone 7 also won't offer multitasking, though apps will be able to receive push notifications while paused in the background. WP7 will also reportedly lack NETCF backwards compatibility.

MobileTechWorld's report includes the tidbit that the browsing experience is faster than that of the iPhone 3G, and that Microsoft believes that Windows Phone 7 devices will roll out by September.

With all the rumours surrounding Windows Mobile 7, there's no telling how much these rumours will hold water. But with MWC just around the corner, it's definitely possible this report could contain some nuggets of truth. [PPCGeeks and MobileTechWorld via Engadget]



    Interesting that Microsoft will vet all applications. They won't let you load your own apps off a SIM card. Everything must go via the Microsoft approved Marketplace.

    Is that what people will want? I really don't think so. So long, Windows Mobile. A closed platform is not for me.

      That was one of the last great up shots of WM. It seems absurd to change things that much. No Open Apps, no multitasking, no vendor UIs, did they leave anything at all that would retain users? I love my HTC Sense UI, it is far superior to anything MS has ever used, the Zune interface is to my experience awkward and unintuitive. I don’t recall ever saying to any MS rep that what I want from a phone OS is for them to drop any features that they have over competition and then poorly clone the iPhone model.

    wow, way to go MS, it's exactly like an iphone, but worse.

    this was totally worth the wait..

    I mean if it uses the zune syncing software it probably won't even be mac compatible.

    and no open apps?? F#$K you Microsoft! if I wanted this shit I would have bought an iphone years ago!

    If this is true I have lost all faith in Microsoft.

    Holy crap... If all this turns out to be true... Madness!

    WinMo might have plenty of problems, but now instead of fixing them, they're just giving us all of Apple's problems as well? Fark!

    Android is just getting sexier and sexier...

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