Windows Phone 7: Aphrodisiac

Windows Phone 7: Aphrodisiac

When Matt volunteered to appear on Canadian TV, he thought he was going to talk about Windows Phone 7 – you know, explain the design philosophy, Microsoft’s market position, lay out the competitive landscape. And for a while, that’s what he did. Then things got weird.

Michael: Thanks, Matt. Our guest has been Matt Buchanan, Contributing Editor at Gizmodo.

Susan: I can see why you have a man crush on him.

Michael: He knows his stuff

Susan: He’s kind of cute

Michael: You think he’s cute do you?

Susan: I do.

Matt: I can still hear you.

Michael: Oh.

Michael: …

Susan: Michael?

Michael: …

Matt: I should go.

Michael: WAIT!

Susan: It’s too late, Michael. He’s gone.

To be continued…