Windows 7 Murders Vista On Steam

Most of the gamers I knew stuck with XP during the Vista's time because it drained precious CPU cycles, but that's not the case here: Steam's released their latest stats on Windows usage, Windows 7 has already blown past Vista.

The stats break down this away: 42.78 per cent on XP, 28.53 per cent on Windows 7, and 27.91 per cent on Vista. Consider that Vista's been out for three years, and Windows 7's been out for three months. Also worth pointing out is that Windows 7 installs are 64-bit by a 2-to-1 margin, which as Ars notes, is now the most popular flavour of Windows on Steam short of XP 32-bit.

The gaming population on Steam isn't necessarily representative of mums and dads buying computers, but the fact that the deeply suspicious PC gaming community has picked up Windows 7 in droves does say something. [Ars]

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