Spyshot: Will The Next iPhone Be Taller Than Its Predecessors?

An alleged leak of fourth-gen iPhone components claims to tell us two things about Apple's next creation. One, it's taller. Two, part of its surface is "reflective".

What iResQ claims to be the next iPhone case sits on the right in our lead shot, alongside the iPhone 3GS' front assembly.

It's 1/4 of an inch taller. Boom.

(iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, potential iPhone 4G)

Plus, the top lip of the case has a "reflective, mirror-like surface", which iResQ assumes is a rearrangement of the iPhone's proximity sensor (the component that notices when your face is near the phone).

No component leak is all that reliable unto itself, given that it's not very difficult to manufacture a knockoff plastic case. Still, the idea of a slightly taller iPhone? Fine with me, assuming the extra footprint is put to good use. (But even if it wasn't, would any of us notice this slight difference?) [iResQ via MacRumors]

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