When Gadgets And Dating Don't Mix

Gadget lust can get in the way of romance - like when your dinner date checks her email over dessert or live-tweets the entire encounter. We've got our share of these stories, but we really want to hear yours.

Maybe your spouse's reaction to your 18TB video collection of bendy redheads wasn't all that positive. Maybe you drunk-dialled your ex on Skype. Maybe you learned that power cords aren't the best idea when it comes to kinky restraints. Maybe your date rudely checked her email in the middle of dessert and proceeded to pull out a second phone to continue reading after you teasingly confiscated her first. (I'm sorry! Won't do it again. Call me?)

Whatever the details, I want to hear about how gadgets or technology interfered with your love life. So send your stories to me ([email protected]) with the subject of "Bad Valentine Tales" and we can share the horror.

Picture by sunshinecity

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