Weekend Gadgets: Ricoh GXR And Sony Bloggie

Weekend Gadgets: Ricoh GXR And Sony Bloggie

 title=If the gadgets in my hand today are any indication, I’m going to spend my weekend pretending I’m a photographer with a video blog.

I’ve got Ricoh’s fancy schmancy new GXR compact replaceable-lens camera thingy – it seems like a really good idea, but they only sent me a single lens kit, which kind of makes reviewing a new lens-changing mechanism kinda difficult.

I’ve also got the new Sony Bloggie. It’s definitely got some good things going for it, judging from the early play I’ve had so far, but I think I prefer the controls on the Flip. You can’t really go past a big red button, can you?

If I get the chance, I also really want to keep playing Bioshock 2. You guys may be getting sick of me saying that, but I’m just completely hooked. And I’m generally not that big a fan of shooters.

Anyway, enough about me – what are you guys playing with this weekend?

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