Wave UFO Controlled By Gestures, Not Well-Vetted Remotes

The Wave UFO appears to be the first gesture-controlled... err... R/C vehicle. DVICE explains how you steer its flight:

...start the motor and hold your hand underneath as it begins to hover. As you move your hand laterally to the ground, the UFO moves with you. Make an upward toss gesture, and up the UFO goes. The more violent the motion, the higher it flies. Make a diagonal toss gesture, and you can push it toward a buddy, who can "catch it" over his hand and toss it back (or not).

Sounds neat, but here's what I'd call the real-world usage scenario:

...start the motor and hold your hand underneath as it begins to launch unpredictably into the air. Quickly dodge out of the way as the UFO spirals, possibly while flaming, at you or a loved one (protip: protect your eyes, they are remarkably sensitive to ballistic attack). If you're lucky enough to get three or more feet away from the UFO, don't move. It might not see you, and the slightest motion could trigger a second onrush. Continue to stay calm for up to 1-2 hours as the battery pack runs out. And always remember those who gave their lives that day so that you could live.

Look for the Wave UFO for $US25 before mid-year. [DVICE]

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