Waterproof, Shockproof, Crushproof: Olympus' µTOUGH 8010, 6020

Dan was lamenting the fact that Fujifilm's XP10 made him feel even more of a couch potato than usual, but I've got to say, after owning one of Olympus' µTOUGHs before, there's a lot you can do with a waterproof cam.

If you're even remotely clumsy, then it's a practical investment. If you occasionally go boating, swimming or like partaking in shower-based photography, then the double waterproofing build of Olympus' µTOUGH-8010 and µTOUGH-6020 will come in use. Really, you don't have to be a rock-climbing steroid pusher to appreciate a hardy camera model.

Both the 8010 and 6020 have 14-megapixel sensors and 5x optical zooms, with the only real difference being how far you want to test that hardiness - the 8010 can be dropped from two metres, resist temperatures up to -10°C and crushed under 100kg of pressure and still survive. The 6020 is a little more weak-skinned, surviving under only a 1.5m fall.

Both models have 2.7-inch LCD screens and shoot in 720p resolution, with the 8010 containing 2GB of internal storage. On sale in February, for $US399.99 and $US299.99 each.

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