Watch Oscar Nominated Short Logorama Now

The single most clever motion picture I've seen this year wasn't Avatar - it was Logorama, an animated short fitting 2500 logos into a highly entertaining parody of corporate/consumer culture. (Watch it. You'll thank me when it wins an Oscar.)

After seeing Logorama in the theatre a few months ago (thanks, Chicago Film Festival), I was struck by three resurfacing thoughts.

1. It's beautifully animated.

2. There's extraordinary cleverness in each frame - you just can't expect to take it all in with one viewing.

3. By the end, you are not bothered by the fun fast food logos or references to AOL or Microsoft. You're frightened by the logos you could identify without ever having given the company any thought in your day to day life. You're frightened by the familiarity of all the strangeness. (At least, I was.)

By French design collective H5, Logorama is worth taking the 15 minutes or so running time out of your lunchbreak. Unfortunately, I can't embed it for you. So watch it over on Facebook.

The compression kills me, given that the sharp edges are a key to the piece's style. But I'm genuinely excited to share this with anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to check it out. [Logorama via Kotaku]

UPDATE: It looks like the video has been pulled from Facebook, even though that seemed like a safe, official channel to link. Apologies!

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