Wall Of Armour Assembles Like Erector Set To Protect Marines

In Afghanistan, Marines might soon be able to snap together a two-metre tall wall of armour for themselves in under 10 minutes, using no tools or equipment. Inside, they'll be safe from bullets and frag from grenades, mortars and rockets. Badass.

The Marine Corps has already spent $US800,000 to buy 14 kits of McCurdy's armour, the portable wall system developed by Dynamic defence Materials. The kits are named after Ryan McCurdy, a Marine who was killed in duty in 2006 while pulling a wounded friend to safety.

The walls are also stackable, making them as easy to transport as they are to assemble. Once in position, four soldiers can assemble an individual panel in less than 10 minutes, after which multiple panels can snap together in a U-, V- or J-shape, depending on what's preferable for the situation. The walls also feature ballistic windows that open and close, allowing Marines to fire back when necessary.

It's not clear if and when these will be deployed widely in the field, but given that the current alternative is stacking a bunch of sandbags, hopefully Uncle Sam's ready to put in another order. [DDM via National Defense via PopSci]

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