Vitrahaus: A Building With A View, And A View, And A View

Vitra, a Swiss furniture manufacturer, recently completed the Vitrahaus, a presentation space for their collection. Designed by Herzog and de Meuron, its comprised of 12 stacked "houses," and if you can believe it, the inside is no less stunning.

The Vitrahaus's large, house-shaped windows provide various views of the surrounding area during the day—it is located on the border of Germany and Switzerland, in the town of Weil am Rhein—but at night the focus flips, with the windows becoming glowing portals into which passersby can peer.

The inside is clean and minimalist which lets Vitra's colorful furniture take centre stage. Each room has a touch screen, on which visitors can browse through Vitra's catalog, learn more about particular pieces, or purchase furniture right there on the spot. High design and high tech.

We've oogled some of the company's chairs before, but I must say I'd rather be standing in the Vitrahaus than sitting in a Vitra.

DesignBoom, who headed out to Vitra's campus to take these photographs, has posts with a lot more information and pictures of the exterior and interior on their site. [DesignBoom]

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