Verizon To Announce Skype Phones At MWC?

Verizon has officially stated that they will be holding a joint press conference with Skype at MWC on Tuesday, and now Business Week is reporting that Verizon will announce new phones preloaded with Skype for use with their 3G network.

Yes, that seems like a pretty reasonable guess for what the two companies will be announcing come Tuesday. Despite constant rumours of such, there's no iPhone or iPad on the Verizon horizon, and adding Skype to their stable would be an attractive option for customers who are making fewer and fewer calls but are already plunking down considerable cash for a beefy data plan.

With Skype tinkering away on the 3G functionality of their iPhone app - 3G Skype calls are already possible with Fring - it seems like as good a time as ever for Verizon to make a strong push for 3G data calling and the more flexible plans it will engender. [Business Week]

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