Verizon Emasculates The Palm Pre Plus In New Ads

Verizon Emasculates The Palm Pre Plus In New Ads
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Did you know the Palm Pre Plus is a phone for ladies? Specifically, for mums? Well, it is, you sissy! If you were a real man, you’d buy a Droid! That’s a phone for men!

Actually, that’s far from the truth. Both phones are pretty damned gender neutral, unless you’re the type of person who believes only men appreciate hard lines and ladies are drawn to curves. And apparently that’s what Verizon believes, based on their advertising.

I mean, just look at these new Verizon Pre ads! Why are they showcasing this as a phone for mums? It’s a quite capable phone that people of all genders and ages would enjoy. But I guess if they made the ads for the Droid so explodey and masculine they thought they had to make up for it with these.

Hey Verizon: they’re both good phones. Feel free to just advertise them as such. [Engadget]