Underfull Tablecloth Makes Wonderful Spills

I'm a klutz. I admit it. But if I had an Underfull tablecloth, I'd never accidentally knock over a glass of wine again. No sir. With Underfull I'd purposefully knock over a glass of wine, to make ART.

Underfull comes from designer Kristine Bjaadal, who's presumably as uncoordinated as I am. It looks like a plain white table cloth with a simple damask pattern until someone (me) spills a coloured liquid on it. That's when the magic happens:

See? I didn't upend my Merlot because of my naturally aggressive gesticulations and/or drunken wobblings. I did it because this dining table needed more butterflies.

It's still in concept mode for now, but it sounds as though Bjaadal is serious about getting it into production. If and when she does, expect to see more patterns than just butterflies, and me in the checkout line with 10 or 12 Underfulls in my cart. [Kristine Bjaadal via Design Milk]

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