Undercover Bird Feeder Slows Crime In Its Tracks

Retired police officer Bill Angus hates speeding almost as much as he loves birds. So he did what any reasonable person would do: design a feeder that looks exactly like a speed camera, and mount it in his front yard.

And it seems to be working! At least, the slowing traffic part; there's no word on how birds have taken to it yet:

Mr Angus insists - without so much as a hint of a smile - that the effect on speeders is no more than a happy coincidence.

'Why does everyone think it's a fake speed camera?' he asked.

'It's a bird box and has been designed this way to stop people stealing it. It's a bright colour, too, to attract the blue tits and finches. Since I have put it up, the traffic is keeping to 30mph. If people want to think it is a camera, that is a matter for themselves.'

It may not have the same vigilante cachet as, say, Batman, but bonus points for creativity. And although it's sneaky, I'd much prefer a birdhouse that looks like a speed trap than a speed trap disguised as a birdhouse. [Daily Mail UK via Neatorama]

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