Try On Watches At Home Thanks To Augmented Reality (Concept)

Right now, augmented reality is pretty much just geeks talking into PCs while wearing Optimus Prime masks. But in the not-so-distant future, it will alter the way we experience the world every moment of the day.

The following video is just a marketing concept for Nooka watches, but the idea is fairly sound. Clip out a placeholder watch, log on to their site and actually try products on.

John Biggs calls the interface "an amazing idea...someone better patent it before Trojan and Victoria's Secret get their hands on it." Not to state the obvious, but something tells me those other products won't involve hands at all, John.

However, this Nooka concept does make me wonder, when we eventually see the real world overlaid with persistent augmented reality, will Xbox Live avatar pricing still apply, or will physical goods be replaced in the pricing chain by their digital counterparts? [CrunchGear]

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