TRAKR RC Car Lets You Spy With The Power Of Apps

Apps are here to to stay, so we might as well get our kids on board early. That's the thinking behind Wild Planet's Spy Video TRAKR, a video-enabled RC car that can be loaded up with freely downloadable programs.

Making its debut at this weekend's Toy Fair, the TRAKR sports a camera that beams video back to a small colour LCD screen on the controller. That video, or still shots from it, can be saved to an SD card for later perusal.

But the real 21st century touch here is the TRAKR's ability to run kid- (or kid at heart-) programmed routines will be free for download from the Wild Planet website. Out of the box, the kit will include an app for using the TRAKR as a motion-sensing alarm system, sounding a warning to intruders with its built-in speaker, as well as one for recording night vision video.

The TRAKR will be available for $US120, though you'll have to wait until October to link up with other app-writing spies (and to download the Girls Locker Room routine). [Wild Planet]

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