Tokyoflash Escape C Bluetooth Power Core

OK, so it's not really a power core. The Escape C is really just a necklace with some LEDs and Bluetooth controls, but this Tokyoflash product is still neat in its own right.

Pairing with pretty much any Bluetooth device - from an iPhone to a Skype-wielding PC - the Escape C can accommodate a pair of headphones (with mic) while streaming A2DP audio. Plus, typical volume, track advance and call controls offer you a means to control your music and communications without reaching into your pocket.

Of course, Tokyoflash couldn't create a product without some sort of cryptic time cipher, which is where those blue LEDs come into play. But we won't understand how that part works until the Escape C is released later this year for $US150-$US180. [egoism via lowyat via technabob]

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