To Catch A Predator Barbie

There are things Man was meant to do and there are things Man wasn't meant to do. Putting a spycam inside a Barbie, for instance? Such can only unbalance the subtle harmonies of nature in perverse ways.

Essentially a Flip cam shoved into an adiposeless torso cavity, the Barbie Video Girl Doll can record up to 30 minutes of footage through her concealed necklace before playing it back through an LCD embedded in her trapezius. Meanwhile, a mini USB hub, fit in Barbie's lower back, creates what's most likely the closest rendition to an anatomically correct Barbie we've seen yet.

Barbie Video Girl Doll will run $US50 when she's put on sale this July. Tragic hilarity will follow from later summer into fall. [ChipChicklets via OhGizmo!]

Note: The headline was compliments of intern David Chaid.

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