Time For A New Hobby

Clayton Boyer's intricate wooden clocks are, without a doubt, incredible works of art. But here's what's even more incredible: he thinks that with his woodworking plans, you will be able to recreate them all by yourself.

Yes, Boyer believes that anyone with a little determination can put together any of his clock designs, like the one shown above, the Celestial Mechanical Calendar and Orrery. "As far as skill level required," Boyer explains in the frequently asked questions section of his site, "I would suspect that if one has the tools necessary that skill is not as important as perseverance."

I'm not so sure about that myself, but thanks for the vote of confidence.

Boyer sells full schematics of his designs, of which there are a few dozen, through his website. Though some designs - the "hard" ones, ha! - are relegated to the Masochist's Corner, Boyer thinks that even a beginner woodworker could handle his projects:

When I started building these, I had almost no skill whatsoever, but that always develops after getting a little sawdust into your lungs. These are not difficult to build, but they do take some time.

So if you have some time on your hands and are looking to make a little time with your hands, Boyer's collection is definitely a good place, if a challenging one, to start. [Clayton Boyer via BoingBoing]

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