This Week's Gaming Stories You Cannot Miss

I remember the good old days, when two or three guns was all a man needed.

The Secret Armory Of General Knoxx Opens This Week


Kotaku-Tan, The T-Shirt For The Kotaku Fan

Nice work by Meatbun.

Super Mario Galaxy 2: Yoshi's Back... and He Brought a Drill!

I like that Yoshi. He's a good guy.

Heavy Rain Explores Player Depression With Freezes And Glitches

I had one crash during Heavy Rain, but two of my characters died because the SIXAXIS motion controls are so horrid.

The Stalling Of An Anti-Bush Video Game

This is exactly why I don't vote except when I do.

Don't Worry, DSi XL Fits In My Rear Left Pocket

Thank. God.

Kirsten Dunst Is Your Magical Nerd Princess

I'm not sure what this has to do with gaming, but it was on Kotaku and I found it appropriately strange, so there.

Resident Evil 5: Lost In Nightmares Micro-Review: Less Fighting, More Frightening

I played a lot of RE5, but I still preferred the earlier, fixed camera games in the series.

Warner Buys Batman: Arkham Asylum Devs

Smart move.

Hands-On, Sword Out With Red Steel 2

Finally, we're getting some decent swordplay on the Wii.

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