This Is What Firefox On Android Looks Like Right Now

When I first saw this, I was tempted to call fake. I mean, why the hell is a desktop version of Firefox running on Android? What happened to Fennec? But rest assured, this is real - and actually, very encouraging.

Explaining the awkward UI, developer Vladimir Vukićević:

You'll note that this is the full Firefox interface, and not the Fennec/Firefox Mobile UI; we're testing with the full interface because it's significantly more complex than the mobile UI and stresses Gecko much more. So, if the full UI works, then Fennec should work fine as well.

He goes on to say that in its current state, keyboard entry doesn't work and the browser is not at all ready for primetime, but that Android has been "pretty great to work with so far" and that development has been "progressing at a good clip".

While this is clearly more than an experiment and destined for a wide release someday, he doesn't provide a estimate of when Joe Android will be able to download Firefox/Fennec/whatever. For now, knowing that it's more than a myth will have to do. [Vlad1 via AndroidCentral]



    Yes. Considering all of that and the fact that the screen is nearly 1/3 toolbars etc, I would say that they still have some work to do.

    How does the extensions for Firefox work, would they still be compatible with the Android version?

    Firefox on android is a novel idea but what makes firefox is it's addons.

    A redesigned version of Firefox for Android improves the browser's performance and adds some new feature. Firefox for Android brings faster, more intelligent browsing to your Smartphone.

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