The Nipple Gamepad T-Shirt

To open the secret entrance to the cave, try left-left-up-left-down-down-right-left then a-y-y-x-b-a and then hold the d-pad down while clicking y-y-b-b. Press start twice, and you will get in.



    Nice to see Giz hitting up the girl / girl action these days! Opens a whole new world of gadget reviews!

      That's a girl? So looks like guys arms minus the watch and lack of hair.....

    I refuse to buy it until it supports flash ... :D

      It does HTML5, so all your problems are solved.

    Does it come with the combo buttons feature and vibrate technology? You got the Valentine version?

    Hard to use?

    Wait... Oh I see what I did there.

    Hmmm, not bad, but the placement of the shoulder buttons is a bit awkward...

    Why bother with a t-shirt when you can have a real game-controller mounted in a bra? Seriously. It was a research project for a thesis and was demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2007.

    Geez, is the blogosphere really *that* far behind the times?

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