Telstra Updates Pre-Paid Wireless Broadband Pricing

Let's get this out of the way: The updated pricing structure for prepaid NextG wireless data still doesn't compete on a sheer gigabyte to dollar ratio with the other networks. But it does sort of start dragging it in line, and NextG has the benefit of being nearly ubiquitous...

Coming into effect tomorrow, a $40 recharge will get you 1GB of data (up from 300MB), $50 will get you 2GB, $60 will get you 3GB, $80 for 4GB and $100 for 6GB.

They've also added longer expiry periods for 3GB and 4GB recharges, costing $130 for 3GB for 90 days, or $150 for 4GB for 180 days. If you only need to hope on the net occasionally while you're out and about, these options could make a lot of sense.

Of course, if you're after a "bang for your buck" value approach, then NextG still doesn't fit the bill. But if you need reliable coverage across most of Australia, this is actually looking respectable, although remember that you'll also need to spring for a NextG capable modem if you don't already own one...


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