Tantalizing iPhone Code Clues Hint At Future Video Chat Capability

Morning! And welcome to another edition of "Hey, it looks like the iPhone might soon have video chat and a front-facing camera." Today's round includes the iPhone SDK, and the fact that it mentions a number of video chat commands:

That there image is from the SDK, and all but hits you in the face with two icons that mention "accepting" and "declining" video.

Parsing the evidence further, we discover this, a more direct mention of "video chat" in the telephony UI code:

So video chat on the iPhone. Probably coming soon, at least in code form. But what of the heavy strain on AT&T's 3G network? One would think that video chat via millions of new iPhones would tax the hell out of an already taxed system. Perhaps they'll roll it out everywhere but New York City and San Francisco and screw those cities a little more? Maybe throw little "too bad, so sad" San Fran/NYC asterisk caveats in all the anti-Verizon Wireless ads they no doubt have saved in the can for when this hypothetical video chat iPhone launches. We'll see.

In any event, as far as a hardware refresh or longer case goes? If the video chat development pans out, it's looking more and more likely. [9to5Mac]

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