Steve Wozniak On Bringing Colour To Computers

It's hard not to like Steve Wozniak, both for his contributions to modern computing and his winning personality. In this recent interview, where he recounts the moment he solved bringing colour to computing, you get a healthy dose of both.

His description of those moments between awake and asleep when inspiration strikes is a familiar one, although my epiphanies are generally more along the "hey, I bet I can deep fry that" line. The quote I like best, though, is this one:

"Sometimes you're not sure if it's going to work, because it didn't follow all the methodology, all the science in the books, all those numbers. Yet it's similar enough, it might work. And in this case it did."

And that's how innovation happens. Thanks, Woz! This makes me even sadder that you got robbed on Dancing With the Stars. [ForaTV via 9to5 Mac]

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