Soular Powers Packs Transforms Man Into Giant Beetle

Most solar backpacks have disappointingly miniature solar panels, sewn in shamefully, adorning nothing. But new bags from Neon Green take the precise opposite approach, ripping open eyelids of every person in sight through the sheer power of green energy.

The Soular Powers packs from Neon Green aren't quite fully cooked - we don't know prices or availability, making their casually announced line a bit tough to follow. But they're bold, practical and, above all else, unabashedly solar.

We believe the lead shot is the Capsoul, a 3-in-1 backpack. Its solar panel is removable, and the entire bag can be reconfigured to both a smaller shoulder bag and carrying case.

There's also the Piggy Back, which is much smaller, and can attach to your existing bag. Neon Green promises 11.1 volts from the Piggy Back in full sunlight, which I assume means the Capsoul produces even more power.

We'll keep an eye out for an actual release. Until then, check out Neon Green's existing line here: [Scratch Tracks via ChipChick]

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