Sony's IPTV Coming To Other Devices Later This Year

If you saw this morning's Sony announcement that 21 of their 26 new TVs will have IPTV working out of the box and thought, "Damn! I just bought a new TV!" - never fear. Sony have promised that more devices will come with the service "soon".

They're fairly tight lipped about exactly what products we can expect to see with the Bravia Internet Video feature as part of the XMB interface, but it's fairly safe to assume that it will be making an appearance on Blu-ray players. It would also fit in nicely on the PS3 alongside iView and PlayTV, although Sony did say that tat the moment Playstation was still separate from Bravia Internet Video.

In any case, it's good to know that a promising IPTV solution won't just be restricted to new TV purchases...

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