Sony Announces Local Details For CES Stuff

Sony Announces Local Details For CES Stuff

 title=It’s not quite the complete collection of Sony’s CES 2010 announcements – apparently Sony will be having another home entertainment event in the near future to discuss TVs and the like – but this morning Sony dished the local details on their new cameras, camcorders, Vaios, Walkman and… digital voice recorders! Gentlemen, start your excitement engines.

What’s that? The sound of engines stalling? No matter, we’ve still got the info for you. Here goes.


 title=There were two digital snappers officially shown off this morning: the HX5V travel camera and the TX7 style camera. Both bring 1080i AVCHD recording to the table, as well as use Sony’s Exmor sensor to allow for instant panorama and low light shots.  title= But it’s the HX5V that’s really interesting, as it’s pretty much squarely targetted at cameras like Panasonic’s TZ10. It’s got a built in GPS plus – get this – a digital compass inside. It doesn’t have a location database like the Panny, but it makes up for it by giving you a direction. It’ll also be $50 cheaper than the Panasonic when it hits shelves in March at $649 (which is the same price as the TX7).


The most interesting product on display in the camcorder market was the Bloggie, which we already know all about. But Sony also showed off some other models – fortunately not 13 of them – like the CX110, the CX350V and the CX550V, which will sell for $799, $1,399 and $1,999 respectively. Both the 350 and the 550 add internal flash memory (32GB and 64GB), although the entire line features SD card compatibility too.


There were a few different Vaio models announced this morning, including the Z Series, with its quad-core SSDs, Core i5 or Core i7 processors and single-piece-of-aluminium body design, plus the refreshed W-series netbooks, which uses a whole heap of recycled material and comes shipped in a carry bag rather than a box.

There’s also the E Series range, which seems pretty standard fare for PCs. The Z-series starts at $3,399 from early this month, the W-series starts at $849 from early this month and the E-series starts at $1,099 from the end of February.


 title=The A-Series Walkman is pretty slim, has an OLED screen and has built-in noise cancellation. The Walkman also comes with software for PCs that allows you to copy playlists from iTunes by dragging it into a new window, as well as converting video files on the fly.

It comes in 16GB and 32GB versions for $399 to $499 respectively. There’s also a speaker dock peripheral worth $199, and all three will hit shelves this month.

Digital Voice Recorders

 title=Yep, they still exist. The new ones record in stereo, start at $199 (and go up to $749) and have anywhere between 2GB amd 8GB of built-in storage. If you’re really keen for more info, hit up Sony.