Sony And Yahoo!7 Pushing IPTV On New Bravia TVs

This morning, Sony unveiled its upcoming lineup of TVs for the first half of this year. There are 26 new TVs hitting shelves over the course of this year, 21 of which will feature an internet connection for IPTV. While that's exciting enough in itself, the bigger news is that they've partnered with Yahoo!7 to deliver content from Channel 7 directly to the Bravia TV.

Included in the list of 18 Channel 7 programs that will be available directly from the Bravia TV are 30 Rock, Border Security, City Homicide, Heroes, Sunrise and Seven News. As time goes on, you'd expect more programs to be added as well.

In addition to the Yahoo!7 partnership, there will also be content from 14 other channels, including SBS, Billabong, YouTube, Wired, Golflink, eHow, Epicurious, Blip, Podcasts and In the future, Sony are planning on adding pay per view movies and content as well.

And on top of content, there will also be widgets from Yahoo!, like weather, news, and Flickr, plus Facebok and Twitter widgets for selected models. And to push Sony's World Cup partnership, there will also be a FIFA World Cup 2010 countdown widget. Accessing all of this content will be through the TV's XMB UI.

The implementation is really easy to use. At the moment, there's only 15 individual episodes of shows available, but considering that the TVs aren't actually for sale yet, that's not a big issue. Sony have also said that they're talking with other networks and content providers to improve the service, and we're likely to see that content arrive later this year.

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    And hopefully followed with ISPs turning all these into unmetered contents! Yay!!

    How much do they cost?

      The IPTV channels are free, although that doesn't account for bandwidth. The pricing of TVs varies, and can be found here:

    it's sad that AUS only now gets the IPTV functionality... every other market has had it for years.

    I bought a Bravia Z Series earlier this year and was extremely dissapointed to find it had no widgets (Like Yahoo! and Youtube) that identical models have in the US and UK. Why would Sony Australia not implement this? It's unfair that I've paid for the hardware but the slackness of Sony Australia prohibits me from using these features.

    Advice please. I have a Sony Bravia Z5500 and would like to stream IView, Yahoo7, SBS or videos from the web to the TV, how do you add these channels to the Bravia media server list?

    My setup: My PC(router)is connected using DLNA (ethernet cable) to the Bravia. PlayOn Media Server is installed on my PC giving access to movies, music and photos stored on my PC, videos for Youtube can be saved to a playlist and selected using TV remote, plus some US programs are available, but most channels don't work outside the US! This works fine but it would be nice to get the local programs on demand.

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