Sir, You'll Have To Check Your Bags And The Navy Guidance System

The Unclaimed Baggage Centre, a real, live place where - wait for it - unclaimed airline baggage goes to market, is a smorgasbord of eclectic mix of lost gadgets, guidance systems and diamonds, oh my:

For those gadget lovers amongst us, there's a $US250,000 Navy guidance system. Maybe all the military transports were full that day? Also, there's a camera designed specifically for the space shuttle. Perhaps someone at NASA was delivering it to a buyer (if that's the case, we doubt the engines will be "mailed" in quite the same way). Just add some unclaimed weaponry and the Unclaimed Baggage centre might be comparable to the armies in some third world countries.

For movie buffs, the original Hoggle puppet from Labyrinth was also lost and found by the centre, as was a real, live snake on a plane (rattlesnake).

Indiana Jones might have been flying the day a suitcase full of Egyptian artefacts was lost and never claimed. There were also a number of unclaimed diamonds and jewels, with some of the former having been found hanging out inside a loose sock. [Mental Floss via Consumerist]

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