Sinatra "My Way" Karaoke Killings Plague Philippines Bar Scene

Apparently, when people sing Sinatra's My Way in a Philippines karaoke bar, and they sing it poorly, they die.

The epidemic's gotten so bad, in fact, that local law enforcement started calling it the "My Way Killings".

No one really know why dozens have died over the past decade while warbling to one of Sinatra's greatest hits, just that they have, and after this specific song. Is it bad singing? Traditionally violent streets being traditionally violent streets? Die hard Sinatra fans exacting their revenge on newbs who butcher the greats? Possibly. Karaoke is huge in the region, with machines popping up everywhere, from bars to alleyways (as you can see from the image). Combine that with high crime and a fanatical love of Frank Sinatra and you could have just the right mix for a kill (the audience with your talent) or be killed (by the audience for sucking) atmosphere.

One thing's for sure: This guy should stay the hell away form the Philippines. [NYT]

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