Send Us Your Valentine's Day Tech Love Stories

When we asked for Valentine's Day tech horror stories, some protested that there's another side to things - serendipitous meetings on Twitter, gadgets that won hearts, and love. We want to hear more of these happy Valentine's day love stories.

Maybe that NSA Craig's List ad led to marriage, maybe technology aided a long-distance relationship, or maybe you're both tech-obsessed geeks and a perfect match because of it.

Whatever the details, we want to hear about how gadgets, technology or social networking helped your love life. So send your stories to me with the subject of "Happy Valentine Tales" and we can share the joy.

Of course, we are still taking submissions for Valentine's Day tech horror stories and you can send those with the subject of "Bad Valentine Tales".

Bad Valentine is our own special take on the beauty - and awkwardness - of geek love.

Photo by Fe Ilya

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