Sanyo Gifts Double-Range Zoom On GH2, CG102 Xacti Camcorders

Joining the SH1 and CS1 from a mere month ago are three new Xacti models from Sanyo& - the GH2, CG102 and CG20. All three film in 1080i widescreen resolution, and will cost under $US230 each. Score!

Of course, I'd rather have a camcorder shooting 1080p like the SH1 and CS1, but what's a few less lines between friends? The CG20 and CG102 are both pistol-grip models, with the GH2 coming in a minute barrel shape. Specs-wise, the GH2 and CG102 take photos with a 14.4-megapixel sensor, with the CG20 a 10.7-megapixel one.

A "double-range zoom" on the first two models means you can switch between 5x and 12x zoom.

Expect all three to go on sale in March, with the GH2 and CG102 pricier at $US229 and the CG20 just $US199. [Electronista]

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