Samsung's Touchscreen AMOLED Phone Shown Off

Seen here is the first SUPER AMOLED PHOOOONNNNEEE from Samsung, which is so SUPER you must wear a protective suit to touch it, lest you become SUPER too.

We knew their integrated AMOLEDs were on the way soon, and while the first device (which supposedly has a 3.3-inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen) hasn't been named/specced-out, at least we know it'll have more sharp corners than the Motorola Droid. Crazy boasts are already being thrown around, suggesting the AMOLEDs will be five times brighter than the average phone, and will perform 20 per cent better when used outside - which is definitely an important issue, for anyone who struggles using their phone in direct sunlight. [Korea Times via OLED-display]

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