Samsung's 3DTV Early Review: "You Won't Be Sorry"

Samsung's first 3DTV has been reviewed ahead of release by the UK's largest tech site, TechRadar, who has has nothing but glowing words to say about it, claiming "we don't reckon you'll be sorry you bought this Samsung".

They watched Monsters Vs Aliens on the 40C7000 TV, with a BD-C6900 Blu-ray player from Samsung. The active LCD shuttered glasses were of the SSG2100AB model, which cost £100 each ($171). While they do point out that they used two different 3DTV sets to complete the review as "neither were 100 per cent finished", between the two models they "experience all the major features."

For anyone considering a 3DTV, it sounds as though TechRadar had a pretty good experience with it. They found some "unpredictable results" with the frame-delay technique, and the connections proved rather fiddly, but it stands up as a great TV that just so happens to be 3D - at a premium.

I'd be wary buying a 3DTV in the first wave however, as prices will come down and technology will improve - and besides, my personal opinion is that 3DTV just isn't worth getting worked up about, anyway. [TechRadar]

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