Russian Botnet Steals From Another, Replaces Virus With Its Own

Nevermind the war against viruses -they'll kill each other before we even update AVG. A Russian Trojan horse program, known as Spy Eye, has stolen data from its competitor Zeus and replaced PC infections with its own botnet-badness.

It's still a lose-lose situation for anyone with an infected computer, with one botnet being replaced with another, but it's pretty unheard of for one to take on another like this. Spy Eye's campaign against the bigger, badder Zeus is called "Kill Zeus", and while it doesn't feature Uma Thurman in a slinky yellow jumpsuit, it will be sold to online crims who access your online bank details and any money it can find in your accounts, with Spy Eye going for around $US500 to each person. [ComputerWorld]

Image Credit: Joffley

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