Revo Ikon Could Tempt Me To Buy A Digital Radio

Considering the sheer number of internet radio stations available to stream for free through my PC, the concept of an ad-laden digital radio station does nothing for me. The cost of upgrading your radio hardware is also a bit of turn off. But the Revo Ikon digital radio also features a dock for your iPod or iPhone and a nifty little touchscreen, which might just be enough to tempt me over to the DAB+ side...

The Ikon, which has an RRP of $649 (which is pricey but competitive for a good quality iPod dock), features DAB+, but also Wi-Fi for internet radio and streaming music from a PC or MAC, plus FM radio for anyone without a DAB+ signal. There's also a built in alarm clock feature, and the 3.5-inch touchscreen looks like it might actually work. Revo have also launched the Domino DAB+ radio, which offers many of the same functions, except without the touchscreen. It also has a bit of a retro look, with the iPod dock sitting on the top of the device, and it costs $469.


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