Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Photoshop Edition

In today's Remainders: a celebration. Photoshop turns 20 and reminds us why we love it with laser-eyed babies and an Earth with AT-ATs. We've also got possible iPad pre-orders, definite MobileMe and Chromium OS improvements, PMA bummers and more.

RIP PMA Pentax is the latest manufacturer to bail from PMA, joining Canon and Leica who have also announced that they will not be attending the gigantic photography trade show this year. It could be in protest of the show's relocation from Las Vegas to Anaheim, though you'd think they'd take the vacation anywhere they could get it. [Electronista]

iPreorder Charge your MacBooks, grab your sleeping bags, and make your peanut butter and jams - iPad pre-order time is drawing nigh. According to the website AppAdvice, "a reliable source of ours familiar with the matter" claims that pre-orders for the tablet will start next Thursday, February 25. Though the source says the initial pre-orders will be limited to Wi-Fi models, I'm sure that won't stop the foam that's already accumulating at the corners of the fanboys' mouths. [AppAdvice]

MobileMeep Apple has quietly rolled out a number of improvements for MobileMe, specifically enhancing its accessibility from the iPhone and iPod Touch. In the main, the improvements come by way of new set-up links in the Contacts, Mail and Calendars sections, as well as the ability to use the Find My iPhone feature from another iPhone instead of just a computer. So thieves should take note: MobileMe and its phone-finding abilities are now actually mobile. [Yahoo!]

Got My Eye-On Chromium A new build of Chromium OS, dubbed Flow, features a few important updates: improved battery life, better automatic updating, and full support for machines running NVIDIA Ion. So if you've got a rig running on Ion and your eye on Chromium, now's your chance to tinker away. [Engadget]

Photoshop Strikes Back Photoshop turned 20 today, and while it's not old enough to legally drink it can still seamlessly blend our world with those of Star Wars, as seen in these unsettlingly realistic images of Star Wars characters, vehicles, and villains hanging around out on Earth. Might be time to enlist in the Imperial Academy, just to be safe. [This Blog Rules]

Lasers, Baby We see Photoshop's (re)touches everyday without even realising it - in print ads, book covers, billboards and the rest - but those of us who spend countless hours on the internet see things that wear their Photoshopped status as a badge of honour on a daily basis. The latest in a long line of unabashedly unrealistic memes is Babies With Laser Eyes. Sure in the real world babies are cute and cuddly and adorable, even when they're poopy and crying. But in Photoshop world, all babies are potentially deadly robots whose eyes can scorch anything with a single glance. I like Photoshop world. [Babies With Laser Eyes]

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