Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Friday Funbag Edition

In today's Remainders: Fun! A whole bag of it. The iPhone becomes a digital flipbook; Google sells a $US300 scarf; Ron Jeremy blames the Russians; and a Batman and Robin comic takes the words right outta your mouth.

Flip Out Sure the iPhone is great for browsing the web, checking email, playing games, making calls (not really), and all the rest, but this clever YouTuber unlocked the true potential of the iPhone by turning it into a digital flip book. Five funs out of 10. [Thanks SewerShark]

GoogleScarf Google already provides your search engine, your webmail, your calendar, your maps, your address book, your smartphone, your other smartphone's operating system, your hopes, your dreams and the rest, so why not let them provide your wintertime accessories, too? The Google Store is now offering a $US300 oversized scarf in Google's signature primary colours. They also have some Google-inspired vintage t-shirts and jewellery pieces for you most dedicated Googlers. Two funs out of ten. [TechCrunch]

Rated aRrrrrrr Ron Jeremy, Mario enthusiast and accomplished pornographer, is worried about two things: the state of the porn industry and your online safety. What's causing him to worry? Some combination of piracy and Russians. As he explains, people who watch videos for free on sites like don't realise the detrimental effect it has on his industry, but "piracy is piracy, whether the film is PG, R or X." We agree with him there. But shortly after making that reasonable point, Jeremy spiralled into a questionable rant on online scams and the nationalities that perpetrate them:

You have a checkingaccount? You're rich? You're still not safe. Someone asks you for the details you probably won't give it to them but your grandparents, your grandparents might fall for's the saddest thing I ever heard...A lot of foreigners, and I won't mention names, Russians, are coming to America and there are a lot, a lot, a lot of people who know how to use Wi-Fi, Internet, satellite to gather personal information about people and scam or steal. Russian.

Russian indeed. Six weirds out of ten. [MobileLocalSocial]

Sidekick Backhand Go to to create your own versions of this old school Batman comic. The Gizmodo staff has been using it to make fun of people (mostly the interns) all day! Ten funs out of 10!

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